What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy adopts a ‘hands-on’ holistic approach, which aims to assess, treat and minimise soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by musculoskeletal conditions. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia are easily susceptible to pain and dysfunction when postural or occupational factors are involved, if there is illness or disease within the body, as well as overuse or misuse during sporting or recreational activities.

Muscles have a tendency to go into spasm when they are faced with physical and or emotional stress, this leads to trigger points (knots) which are hypersensitive spots in muscles that produce or refer pain. Myotherapy involves the application of pressure to such points to eliminate pain, restoring the normal integrity of the soft tissue structures.

As Myotherapists we have extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Restoring function to the body is what we do best, so if you have pain or problems moving, you have come to the right place. We have the skills and qualifications to assess and treat muscles, joints and nerves using a variety of treatment modalities. Deep tissue massage, cupping, dry needling myofascial stretching and corrective exercises are some of the treatment modalities implemented to re-educate the affected muscle to its normal resting state, while decreasing pain and increasing muscular strength and flexibility.

All our Therapists are registered and qualified to assess and manage muscular injury and pain and have the ability to determine which form of treatment is best suited for the patient’s needs. The treatment provided by our Therapists can be complimentary to that provided by other allied health practitioners (e.g Physiotherapist, Podiatrist or Osteopath) and may be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.



Patient Information

In your initial consultation at Reach Myotherapy we collate documentation of patient history, followed by a comprehensive medical, lifestyle and physical assessment to establish the cause of your symptoms. The patient may be asked to de-robe some clothing for the physical assessment where we will observe and assess your muscles, joints and nerves, test your range of motion, perform some orthopaedic tests, and then discuss recommended treatment techniques. The majority of treatment is hands on using both soft tissue massage and complimenting myotherapy techniques which is tailored to your individual wants and needs. Follow-up care may include take-home exercises.

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