“It was my first time at Reach Myotherapy and Bree made me feel very comfortable within seconds of talking about my conditions. Bree is very thorough with treatment and all my injuries have been resolved. I now see her on a regular basis for general maintenance. I would highly recommend her to anyone, price is very reasonable for her skills.”
Tahlia D
“What a lovely experience! Thank you Caren you saved my knee and made me feel so much better! Pain free and it is all thanks to Caren and the team at Reach :)”
Betsy Tolmer
“I highly recommend Bree Tolliday at Reach Myotherapy. I’ve had ongoing neck pain and headaches for five years. I found myotherapy to be the best form of treatment for pain relief as it is more hands on than other therapies and I find Bree’s really deep tissue massage gets into all the knots. I was introduced to dry needling and cupping and now find those very effective in loosening off my shoulder tightness. It’s helped decrease the pain in my neck and the severity of my headaches. I only get them once every few months in comparison to one every few days. Bree is very thorough and understanding when you talk about your pain. She gives you her full attention and her optimism about your chance of improvement is always reassuring. Nothing has compared to Bree’s magic hands and pointy elbows! She is very passionate about her work, has great knowledge and is excellent at delivering treatment. Thanks for all the help Bree :)”
“Bree has been set up in Fernwood Mitcham for over 3 years now, and although I haven’t been the manager the whole time, what I do know is how much of a caring, friendly, professional, assertive and loyal person she is. Staff and clients rave about Bree, she is a true gem to have in Fernwood and her energy makes everyone feel welcome. You always see her chatting and offering advice, she has great communication skills, and you can see that Myotherapy and helping others is her passion. If Bree’s not working on someone, she’s working out herself, or helping someone else improve their technique on the gym floor! Having Bree in in the building has made a huge influence on staff and members approach towards their body and improving it, whether it be posture, or eliminating pain. I would strongly recommend Reach Myotherapy, and it gives me pleasure being able to say that on behalf of Fernwood staff and members, we love your advice, recommendations and companionship. Thanks Bree.”
Jodie C, Fernwood Mitcham Manager
“I was having agonising back pain, every muscle in my lower back was locked up so badly that I could hardly think. Bree’s treatment was gentle yet thorough, and I immediately felt relief, which has lasted for days. I would recommend her as a Myotherapist because she is friendly and professional, gives you her full attention, and in my case, produced lasting results.”
Donna Ryan
“I’ve been going to Bree Tolliday for a number of years now since she was at Lucys Table in Glen Iris – she now has her own business. Bree is a “Myotherapy master” & can make you instantly feel comfortable as you are in very capable hands.  She is very reasonable priced and can accommodate all types of appointments.”
Scott H
“Thanks for the treatment Bree. Awesome”
Jolanda Zerbst
“Best treatments ever. Bree is fabulous.”
Helen McKenzie
“I had ongoing hip problems for some time before I tried myotherapy. Bree has been my god saver, the best therapist I could have ever come across. I aggravated my hip doing an obstacle course and that’s when I decided to listen to my client/staff recommendations at Fernwood and try Reach Myotherapy.  My hip would ache and my lower back was so tight I would struggle to walk. Bree worked on my hip, lower back, legs but also worked on the opposite side to prevent that from tightening up. It was the first time someone had taken the time to look at my body as a whole and not just the area. Straight away you feel the passion she has for her work, very thorough and a great listener. Bree massaged, cupped and needled lots of sore areas. Don’t be mistaken for her size, her firm pressure just about kills you but her techniques are very effective, and relieves the pain immediately. You get the whole works with Bree, she is the most caring, compassionate and friendly person. She is always professional, has a constant smile on her face, and is always there to offer advice.  Bree’s treatments have given me enormous amounts of pain relief but her good diagnostic skills suggested it wasn’t just a muscle injury, it was structural. She referred me to a Sports Doctor and I did need surgery. She is very confident in her work and she doesn’t waste time getting you back in if it’s not necessary. I now see Bree every few months for maintenance work on my hip and in the meantime I recommended her to all my clients, family and friends! Thanks Bree x”
Carly Cormack
“I have utilised the services of Bree at Reach Myotherapy and I had to write about how much it has helped me.I’ve had knee surgery where everything seemed to have gone wrong. A year and a half later I was still experiencing pain during everyday activities and had to abandon the prospect of wearing my high heels (as a 5 ft vertically challenged person working in a professional setting-it is a big deal!) I had tried physiotherapy, osteopathy, and a number of products which claim to ease muscle soreness without much long-term improvement. Yet after two sessions with Bree, I could finally take the stairs without pain, begin leg exercises to build up atrophied muscles together with my fabulous personal trainer Punidha, and even chanced wearing heels (without the instant inflato-knee!). It seemed to be too good to be true, but I have sustained the improvement and have gone forward with my workouts in leaps and Zumba salsa bounds. I’d recommend trying it, as I wish I had known about it earlier. For me it has been far more cost effective with a higher rate of improvement, and releasing the muscle tension has not only improved my knee, but improved my technique with weights, my gait and posture. It also helps that she is a delightful person whilst she digs her elbows into your hamstrings.”
Debbie Neill
“Having suffered back and neck problems for years, I went to Reach Myotherapy for some advice and treatment. Bree made me feel relaxed and understood my condition. She is highly skilled and my muscles always feel less tense after seeing her. I also have dry needling done and I find this to be very helpful. I now see Bree approximately every two months to keep my muscles in check. Bree is so friendly and easy to talk to and she always offers great advice on stretches to help my muscles. I would highly recommend her!”
Rhiannon S
“I have regular hands on therapy and have tried Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Accupuncture, Remedial Massage and now Myotherapy. I have seen many therapists over the years, but I can confidently say that none have been as good as Bree at Reach Myotherapy! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and I’m going to be a repeat customer!”
“My fortnightly favourite Hour”
Claudia Godtner
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